2024 Top 4 Kitchen Trends

At Feeney Supply, our commitment to staying ahead of the curve is unwavering. As we bid farewell to 2023, we're thrilled to share our insights into the kitchen design landscape for the upcoming year. With a finger on the pulse of contemporary trends, we've meticulously curated the top four kitchen trends that are set to redefine culinary spaces in 2024. Join us as we take a deep dive into these captivating trends that promise to transform your kitchen into a stylish and functional haven.

1. Wood Over White 

The era of all-white kitchens is gradually giving way, and as per the NKBA, wood is set to introduce warmth and texture to kitchens in 2024. NKBA designers foresee wood becoming the second most favored color for kitchens over the next three years, surpassing white and closely trailing behind green, which holds the top spot.
Designers are envisioning a seamless infusion of wood and wood-like materials into various elements, including cabinetry, countertops, and stylish accents like wooden beams. White oak and walnut, leading the list, emerge as top choices, proving their versatility in both modern and traditional settings.

2. Moody Colors 

Welcome the opulent allure of rich, dark hues in 2024 as they take center stage! Cabinets adorned in lush greens, deep reds, and dark blues are poised for a surge in popularity throughout the new year. Complementing this trend, countertops in sophisticated black, verdant green, and luxurious burgundy tones are also set to make a statement. If you're enamored with the look but wary of the time and cost involved, consider exploring Feeney Supply for an array of sheet laminates in every shade imaginable to effortlessly bring your dream kitchen to life—without the need for extensive renovations or hefty expenses.

3. Gold Hardware

Ready? Set? Elevate your kitchen aesthetics by making your kitchen hardware pop with a touch of luxurious gold! As the new front runner in popularity, gold hardware is poised to revolutionize your space, setting the perfect tone for a chic and sophisticated kitchen.
Gold has emerged as a timeless and versatile choice, adding an air of opulence to any setting. When incorporated into kitchen hardware, it transforms the mundane into the extraordinary. Imagine sleek gold handles gracing your cabinets, or a dazzling gold faucet becoming the focal point of your sink area—these small touches can make a substantial impact on the overall ambiance of your kitchen.


4. Beverage Stations

Unveiling another burgeoning microtrend on the design horizon—beverage stations, including charming coffee cabinets, vibrant smoothie centers, and chic wine bars. An impressive 60 percent of NKBA respondents predict the integration of these refreshing havens into their design layouts. The allure of this trend lies in its versatility—it can be effortlessly minimalist, with a small alcove dedicated to your preferred beverage, or it can evolve into a fully-equipped oasis, complete with a mini fridge, sink, and other customizable features. The possibilities are as varied as your taste in hydration!

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